Spain’s opposition leader vows to cut debt – Yahoo! News

Mariano Rajoy en un mitín en Cataluña

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MADRID AFPSpain’s conservative opposition leader Mariano Rajoy, frontrunner to become prime minister next year, vowed to impose spending and debt limits if elected, in an interview published on Monday. Rajoy’s Popular Party is riding high after crushing the ruling Socialist Party in local elections May 22, when voters took revenge over an economic crisis and soaring unemployment. Asked what his first act would be if made prime minister, he said the most important would be to lay out a broad package of economic measures to restore confidence in society and the economy. Rajoy said his priorities were to tighten budgets, reform labour market rules and encourage entrepreneurs. “The first would be to approve a budget stability law fixing a ceiling on spending and debt in all government administrations, that is a priority,” Rajoy told the conservative daily ABC. Rajoy said labour market reform would be his second priority.Spain’s unemployment rate struck 21.29 percent in the first quarter of this year — the highest in the industrialised world — and has provoked spontaneous protests in city centres across the country.

via Spain’s opposition leader vows to cut debt – Yahoo! News.

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  1. En España los políticos están haciendo numerosas promesas por la posibilidad -más que probable- de que se adelanten las elecciones. Los socialistas han perdido mucha credibilidad con Zapatero, pero Rubalcaba -no sé por qué- la está recuperando. Son momentos extraños, pues nadie sabe si habrá o no delanto electoral y menos aún quién puede ganarlas, pues el PSOE se está haciendo fuerte con Rubalcaba. Los españoles nos estamos jugando mucho en estos meses, aunque algunos no son conscientes…

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