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Most people happy with working hours |

Australian Bureau of Statistics

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JACK IN the proverball work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” was unlikely to have been Australian. Most Australians are happy with the number of hours they work each week and believe they are achieving the right work/life balance. But a new report also found that nearly a quarter of workers would prefer fewer hours on the job to be able to participate in recreational and social activities or just have free time. The Australian Bureau of Statistics latest social trends survey, released today, found that in 2007 65 per cent of the workers aged 15 years or older felt they were working close to their preferred number of hours. However, 14 per cent of those surveyed between April and July 2007 wanted to work more hours, while 21 per cent would prefer to be working fewer hours, deemed as overemployed.

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Strange Random Work Quote:

No bees, no honey; no work, no money. – Proverb

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Retailtainment: the future of shopping? – Business Analysis & Features, Business – The Independent

disney store

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A little French girl tugs at her friend’s sleeve, sheer excitement pulsing through her body, her eyes gleaming. “Viens voir c’est trop rigolo!” she shouts (“Come see. It’s too funny!”) and drags a small boy across a blue pixie dust trail to the windows of a 28ft-tall castle. The pair find themselves standing next to a large duck and a mouse dressed in soldiers’ uniforms. The children giggle together while posing for photos with the footmen. The location of this hullabaloo is not inside the pages of a fairytale book, or even a theme park – although it could be – it is, in fact, the new Disney Store on London’s Oxford Street, the largest of all of the House of Mouse‘s European retail branches. Opened last month, the huge shop, which spans two floors, houses animated trees, cartoons whizzing across the walls and mood music all adjusted by a click on an iPod Touch operated by a member of staff.

The idea behind this store is to change a dull retail shopping trip into an interactive, cheerful experience. An extension of previous high-concept Disney Stores, customers here don’t have to endure messy fixtures, grey lighting and staff who are uninterested in helping you. These concept stores provide the kind of entertainment designed to make you – or at least your children – leave the premises grinning from ear-to-ear as you reel from your experiential day out. This is Retailtainment.

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Strange Random Retail Quote:

“Big ideas are so hard to recognize, so fragile, so easy to kill. Don’t forget that, all of you who don’t have them.” – John Elliott

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Philip Morris Threatens Australia Over Brand-Less Packaging Plan


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SYDNEY Michael Perry – Tobacco giant Philip Morris is threatening to sue the Australian government for possibly billions of dollars over its plan to be the first country to introduce plain, brand-less packaging for cigarettes. The tobacco firm is fearful that plain-packaging will damage its cigarette brands like Marlboro and Alpine and reduce their ability to compete against other brands. The Australian government argues that reducing brand identification will make smoking less attractive and in turn reduce smoking rates and the health costs associated with smoking, which is said by Australian health authorities to kill 15,000 people a year in the country. The fight over cigarette packaging is being closely watched by other tobacco firms and governments, with New Zealand, Canada and Britain among countries considering similar laws. Analysts also say plain packaging would hit tobacco firms in emerging markets where they are seeking to lure smokers away from cheap brands to more expensive ones and, if widespread, could lead to takeovers in the industry to cut costs.

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Strange Random Smoking Quote:

Nicotine patches are great. Stick one over each eye and you can’t find your cigarettes. – Author Unknown

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The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace – BusinessWeek

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At its December 2008 peak, Myspace attracted 75.9 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S., according to ComScore. By May of this year that number had dropped to 34.8 million. Over the past two years, Myspace has lost, on average, more than a million U.S. users a month. Because Myspace makes nearly all its money from advertising, the exodus has a direct correlation to its revenue. In 2009 the site brought in $470 million in advertising dollars, according to EMarketer. In 2011, it’s projected to generate $184 million.

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Strange Random Internet Quote:

Size and synergies between the different segments of the company matter. As far as we are concerned, the Internet is broadening our opportunity, as well as for other big media companies with huge resources in sports, entertainment and news. There’s just more opportunity. – Rupert Murdoch

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Spain’s ghost airports: symbols of boom turned bust – Yahoo! News

Grand Central Airport Terminal and Control Tower

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CIUDAD REAL, Spain – The glittering buildings rise up from Spain’s arid central plain. Draw closer and there’s something eerie about Ciudad Real‘s Central Airport. There’s hardly a plane in sight. Nobody’s around. Cars can only be heard faintly in the distance. This is one of Spain’s “ghost airports” — huge projects often funded by taxpayer money that helped drive Spain’s economic boom and now symbolize the wasteful spending that contributed to its spectacular bust. Envisioned three years ago as a satellite airport for congested Madrid, Central boasts one of Europe‘s longest runways, yet there’s hardly a skid-mark from the handful of weekly flights it now handles. Its vast and airy terminal, designed to handle 2.5 million passengers a year, echoes every sound.

via Spain’s ghost airports: symbols of boom turned bust – Yahoo! News.

Strange Random Ghost Quote:

Houses are not haunted. We are haunted, and regardless of the architecture with which we surround ourselves, our ghosts stay with us until we ourselves are ghosts. – Dean Koontz, Velocity

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