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From hot coffee to bikini waxes, price hikes hurt – Business – CBC News

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Governments keep a close eye on mundane inflation data. But the rising cost of iconic, regional items are often a truer gauge of the actual cost of living. Services make up 24 per cent of Brazil’s benchmark inflation index, and they rose 8.57 per cent in the year up to April — the fastest pace in 15 years, official data showed this week. Included in the services category are bikini waxes, the price of which has gone up by 12.4 per cent over that time period, Bloomberg reported Friday. “Some clients are coming less frequently for haircuts because of the higher price, but not for waxing,” Brasilia beauty shop owner Alessandra Rita de Arruda Lopes told the news agency. “Brazilian women might let their hair grow longer, but they’ll never stop getting waxed.”

More mundane items such as oil changes and car cleaning rose 18.25 per cent during the period, well ahead of the “official” inflation rate.

via From hot coffee to bikini waxes, price hikes hurt – Business – CBC News.

Strange Random Inflation Quote:

“Inflation is bringing us true democracy. For the first time in history, luxuries and necessities are selling at the same price.” – Robert Orben (US magician and comedy writer, b. 1927)

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