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Spain Business Brief – Friday June 17 2011

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The United States wants Spanish companies to build their new high speed train lines. The US Secretary for Transport is on an official visit to Spain to see the AVE network, and has called on Spain to ‘come to the United States and help us make President Obama’s high speed dream a reality’. It is the second time that Ray LaHood has visited the AVE which he has described as ‘The best high speed train in the world’. ‘I have been to 15 countries over the last two years, and I have seen all the high speed train systems in the world, and I can tell you that Spain’s is the best’, he said.

via Spain Business Brief – Friday June 17 2011.

Strange Random Train Quote:

“If the workers took a notion
they could stop all speeding trains;
every ship upon the ocean
they can tie with mighty chains.”

Joe Hill
(Swedish-born American songwriter and Organizer for the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW); his execution for an alleged robbery-murder made him a martyr and folk hero in the radical American labour movement. 1879-1915)


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