Qantas pilots spooked over Travolta axing | WA Business News

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The removal of a John Travolta safety video from Qantas flights has fuelled union fears CEO Alan Joyce will announce a major restructure, including outsourcing pilots’ jobs. The in-flight safety video starring the actor and Qantas ambassador includes the line: “There’s no-one I’d prefer to have at the controls than a Qantas pilot.” Qantas on Wednesday confirmed a new message featuring Qantas staff was being introduced but denied the change had anything to do with an industrial dispute between the airline and the pilots union. Qantas group executive Olivia Wirth said the airline had been working on the new video since April. However, the move has spooked unions who are pushing for a “Qantas flight, Qantas pilot” clause in the new enterprise bargain agreement. Australian and International Pilots Association vice-president Richard Woodward said the video’s removal indicated Mr Joyce was eager to outsource Qantas jobs to overseas pilots.

via Qantas pilots spooked over Travolta axing | WA Business News.

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“The organization man is dead. He thrived when smokestack America thrived. When airlines, banks and telephones were highly regulated. When Japan built shoddy cars. When computers were huge and an apple was something you ate.” – Bruce Nussbaum

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