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As a recent free app of the day in Amazon’s Appstore, Shifty Jelly’s Pocket Caster Android app, benefited hugely from the exposure. Sales of the software jumped from 20 per day to more than 101,491 on the day Amazon offered it at no charge. It sounds as if another mobile app developer strikes gold, except for one small detail: Shifty Jelly didn’t earn a dime.

Amazon shares application store metrics with developers, which is how Shifty Jelly knows the download figure. Amazon even calculates the app earnings and says the developer would have earned $54,805.14 based on the 20 percent revenue split it had previously agreed on. But that figure went out the window once Shifty Jelly agreed to be the featured free software.

In fairness to Amazon, the company clearly indicated in writing that by agreeing to be the free app, Shifty Jelly would not earn any revenue from downloads that particular day. According to the developer’s blog, this led to an internal debate over whether to accept the terms or pass.

via The Cost of Being Amazon’s Free App of the Day – BusinessWeek.

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