Rogers ‘Beyond 4G’ claim slammed – Business – CBC News

Rogers Wireless Alien vs. Predator

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The use of “Beyond 4G” by Rogers to describe its newest high-speed wireless network is being criticized as misleading by a consumer advocacy group.

“It’s a truth in advertising problem,” John Lawford, a lawyer with the Ottawa-based Public Interest Advocacy Group, told CBC News in an interview Friday.

In a blog post on the Open Media website earlier in the day, Lawford took issue with how Rogers markets its new network, based on LTE technology, as “Beyond 4G,” even though “their LTE network is incapable of reaching speeds ‘beyond’ the upper limits of what can be considered to be 4G.

“Rogers launched Canada’s first network based on LTE technology in Ottawa in July, with plans to roll out in other Canadian cities in the fall. The company lists the network’s typical speed as 12 to 25 megabits per second, significantly faster than the seven to 14 megabits per second listed as average by Telus for its 4G network, which uses a technology called HSPA.

However, it is on the lower end of the theoretical download range of up to 150 megabits per second for LTE technology, leading some critics to call Rogers’s LTE network 3.9G.

via Rogers ‘Beyond 4G’ claim slammed – Business – CBC News.

Strange Random Mobile Technology Quote:

“I would be embarrassed about watching on a train. It would attract attention and I don’t like being stared at. I would also be worried in case someone gave me a tap on the shoulder and nicked my fancy phone. If you commute every day and get back home too late to watch stuff on TV it might be interesting, but people are going to get serious headaches staring at tiny screens for hours on end.” – David Smith.

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