Hunt for Wi-Fi Crowds Bookstores, Cafes With Stranded Workers – Bloomberg

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New York area commuters stranded by Hurricane Irene flocked to their local bookstores, cafes and restaurants this morning in search of Internet access after power outages prevented them from working at home.

Fallen trees and flooding blocked rails and damaged power lines in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, leaving thousands of employees hunting for Wi-Fi service to plug into corporate networks and send e-mails. A Panera Bread Co. PNRA cafe in Newington, Connecticut, was about 50 percent busier than normal as most customers used the wireless access and charged phones.

“Everywhere you look you see computers,” said Shane McBreen, 35, a manager of the store, which never lost power. “We can keep up with the wireless, we just can’t keep up with the food.”

New York’s stock-exchange operators opened as usual this morning, causing many in the financial industry to seek Web access near home to participate in the trading day. About 78,000 Consolidated Edison Inc. customers were still without power at 3:34 p.m. in New York City and Westchester County, to the north of the city, according to the company’s website.

via Hunt for Wi-Fi Crowds Bookstores, Cafes With Stranded Workers – Bloomberg.

Strange Random Wi-Fi Quote:

I love my DSL, but I love my WiFi more. And I probably get on the Internet 40 percent to 50 percent more because of the combination of those technologies. – Michael K Powell

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