China Banks Tackle Bad Service, Long Waits for More Deposits

A bank in Tianjin, China

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Tang Jianhui is a patient bank customer, though he won’t stick it out if he has to wait more than an hour, as he sometimes does.

“That’s the limit,” the 30-something restaurant manager says, describing a normal queue of half an hour to 45 minutes at his local branch.

Ranita Rao, a Chinese office worker in Beijing, has had it even worse. She has waited almost two hours to make a withdrawal at her local bank because the amount she wanted to withdraw was more than ATMs would allow.

“They give you a number and you just have to wait,” says Rao, 28, who once had to take time off from work to make a mortgage payment that her bank unexpectedly changed. “I always take my iPod.”

Tang and Rao are hardly alone in spending too much of their lives in bank lines. China‘s lenders have long been notorious for lengthy waits, byzantine paperwork, and sullen service. To the joy of Chinese citizens, the days of poor customer relations at mainland banks may be ending, albeit slowly.

via China Banks Tackle Bad Service, Long Waits for More Deposits – CNBC.

Strange Random Banks Quote:

Bank failures are caused by depositors who don’t deposit enough money to cover losses due to mismanagement” – Dan Quayle (American 44th US Vice President under George Bush (1989-93). b.1947)

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