Dealing with an aging population – BNN News

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Like many other developed economies, Canada is facing a major demographic change as the baby boom generation begins to retire. David Foot, co-author of the best-selling book, Boom, Bust & Echo tells BNN the country’s universities will face enrollment challenges as the country’s population ages.

“The peak number of births occurred in 1991 and started down in 1992, so add 19 to that and you get 2012 and that’s the beginning of smaller-entering college and university classes,” he says.

“We’re right at the peak now.”

Foot says universities in Eastern Canada — where the demographics are about 5 years ahead of the rest of the country — are already showing declining enrollment.

[You can see the video of the whole interview at the link below]

Dealing with an aging population – BNN News.

Strange Random Ageing Quote:

“Sympathetic cracks. A term frequently used by architects and surveyors in terms of ageing houses. I know what they mean.” – Ted Dexter

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