GM Backpedals on Anti-Cycling Ad – ABC News

General Motors has done some backpedaling after one of its new ads, which touts driving GM cars as a superior alternative to cycling, caused outrage across the Internet and on college campuses.

The offending ad, which is running in college newspapers throughout the country, features a young man struggling on a bicycle and shielding his face in embarrassment from a young woman who looks on comfortably from her presumably GM car. The image sits under banner text that reads, “Reality Sucks.”

Next to that banner text, the ad states, “luckily the GM College Discount doesn’t.” The campaign’s tagline reads “Stop pedaling … Start driving.”

Featuring the ads in college newspapers might have seemed like a great idea at GM, considering the nature of the discount the company is offering. But the company seemed to forget that college campuses are a hotbed of cycling enthusiasts, many of whom aren’t too keen on car culture, or General Motors.

One professor at UCLA sent the ad to the editors of the website Bike Portland, who, in turn, published the harsh comments that GM might not want to hear.“

GM, the company that required us taxpayers to bail it out in 2009, is now biting the young people who bear and will bear the environment and health damage of its gas swilling ways,” the professor wrote. “While every driver in LA knows that the reality which truly “sucks” is the grid-locked, car-loaded, obesity-enhancing, stress-generating car-toxicity of simple commuting in this region.”

via GM Backpedals on Anti-Cycling Ad – ABC News.

The firm Giant Bicycles released its own reply to the ad the day after the GM ad started running …

Strange Random Cycling Quote:

I took care of my wheel as one would look after a Rolls Royce. If it needed repairs I always brought it to the same shop on Myrtle Avenue run by a negro named Ed Perry. He handled the bike with kid gloves, you might say. He would always see to it that neither front nor back wheel wobbled. Often he would do a job for me without pay, because, as he put it, he never saw a man so in love with his bike as I was. – Henry Miller, My Bike and Other Friends

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