Six ways to waste less time at meetings – The Globe and Mail

Meetings are sometimes held around conference ...

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Adriana Girdler believes in calling a spade a spade, but when it comes to meetings, she prefers the term “sessions.”

Why? Because people hate meetings, said Ms. Girdler, an efficiency expert with 20 years of experience helping companies streamline their operations.

“A meeting is ominous. We have to go to a m-e-e-e-ting,” she said in an interview, drawing out the word to emphasize how long and boring it is. “Whereas a session is fast, it’s efficient.”

Unlike a meeting, which tends to last an hour, a session can be 10 minutes, if that’s all that’s needed. “God had his talk with Moses in about 10 minutes,” she noted.

Through the company she heads, Burlington, Ont.-based CornerStone Dynamics, Ms. Girdler said she often hears complaints from workers who don’t have time to finish tasks because they are bombarded with meetings.

via Six ways to waste less time at meetings – The Globe and Mail.

Strange Random Meeting Quote:

“A meeting moves at the speed of the slowest mind in the room. (In other words, all but one participant will be bored, all but one mind underused.)” – Dale Dauten


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