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A diagram showing a possible WI-FI network.

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Australians like to think they have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest smartphone or tablet PC. You only have to look at the crush outside Apple’s Sydney stores last week when the iPhone4S was released to realise that when it comes to the latest internet-enabled devices we are keen to open up our wallets. But are we making the most of these devices?

The answer, according to the NETGEAR Connected Lifestyle Survey, is a resounding no. While Australians spent $6.8 billion on digital devices last year, the survey shows over 18 million internet enabled devices in Australia aren’t actually connected to the internet.

It’s a startling statistic, especially for a nation where a family boasts an average of six digital devices.The survey shows that one third of internet enabled devices in Australian homes are not even used to connect to the internet, despite the serious money spent on them, and less than a quarter of Australians with a Wi-Fi network at home actually use it to connect their devices to each other to share digital content.

There are probably a couple of factors behind these statistics but one clear one is that a number of consumers are not fully aware of the full potential of their latest purchase.

According to Brad Little, director of consumer channels for NETGEAR Australia and New Zealand, there is definitely room for improvement.

via It’s time we connected at home | Technology Spectator.

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“There are patents issued all of the time that don’t have any market value. They’re good pieces of paper and good concepts, and even some are ideas that never should have seen the light of day. But the hardest thing isn’t necessarily the creation of the technology; it’s building a business around it.” – John Daniels

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