Jingle Punks Aggregates Indie Artists’ Tunes for TV Shows, Ads – Bloomberg

Comedy Central Germany

In March, a song by 22-year-old music producer and songwriter Moscow Mark landed a brief spot on a Comedy Central VIA roast of Donald Trump. Though this was Mark’s first work to air on television, the placement didn’t require any effort by his manager. Instead, Mark uploaded the track to an online music database called Jingle Punks that he had started using last year. A Comedy Central music supervisor listened to Mark’s work and licensed it. While the Russian native doesn’t expect to earn a living via Jingle Punks, he welcomes the exposure. “My goal is literally, like, marketing,” he says.

Jingle Punks is a clever spin on the music production business, an industry born a century ago to license music to movie producers. Rather than follow tradition and hire composers to craft music for specific genres, three-year-old Jingle Punks has aggregated about 50,000 tracks by 3,000 mostly unknown performers who seek airtime, from indie rockers to rappers. The 27-employee New York company picks tracks it deems likely to get placement on TV shows and commercials, labels them with keywords, and adds them to its searchable database. It sells licenses for prices that range from $500 to $80,000, depending on frequency of use and format. Jingle Punks also does custom composing. The company splits licensing fees with the artists.

via Jingle Punks Aggregates Indie Artists’ Tunes for TV Shows, Ads – Bloomberg.

Strange Random Jingle Quote:

“The advertisers who believe in the selling power of jingles have never had to sell anything.” – David Ogilvy (Scottish-born British military intelligence officer and later top advertising executive, 1911-1999)

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