Starbucks rolls out smart phone payments in Canada – The Globe and Mail

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Starbucks Corp.  wants to cash in on one of its customers’ addictions – to their smart phones – to profit even more from their other addiction – to java.

On Tuesday, the giant chain will break new ground in Canada in offering mobile payment, starting from an iPhone and, in the coming months, Android and BlackBerry devices. It’s betting that by transforming shoppers’ phones into mobile wallets, it will get consumers to splurge more – and return more often.

“Many of our customers leave home without a wallet, but almost never leave home without their phone,” said Adam Brotman, senior vice-president of digital ventures at Starbucks.

Starbucks’ mobile payment may be the tipping point for other merchants, along with telecommunications, technology and financial services players launching their own mainstream digital wallets, aiming to turn today’s checkout into a relic. Retailers are counting on new technology to make payment as easy as tapping a phone at a scanner, hoping to spur customers to make more impulse purchases while automatically offering coupons and loyalty rewards so they will buy even more.

via Starbucks rolls out smart phone payments in Canada – The Globe and Mail.

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