China’s Overwhelming Demand for Resources | Daniel Gross – Yahoo! Finance

City Wall in Xi'an, China

Xi’An, China — There’s nothing like a visit to China to get you in touch with your inner Thomas Malthus. The 18th century British scholar is known, centuries after his death, for pessimism about the capacity of the earth and its inhabitants to produce enough food, energy and other resources to sustain the rising population of humans.

The last few centuries, in which rising living standards coincided with population growth, have debunked Malthus. But spend some time in China — and in particular in China’s interior — and you’ll start to think otherwise.

Shanghai has long been one of the world’s large, great cities. To a longtime resident of New York, the amalgamation of skyscrapers is readily comprehensible. Yes, the scale and the pace of growth is impressive, even shocking. But if New York works without overly stressing the planet, so should Shanghai.

The anxiety picks up when you leave the comparatively well-trodden coasts for the interior. Here, you’ll find cities that you’ve likely never heard of, that are as big and sprawling as any in America, and getting larger by leaps and bounds. Like Xi’an, which I visited this week along with a group of journalists.

via China’s Overwhelming Demand for Resources | Daniel Gross – Yahoo! Finance.

Strange Random Growth Quote:

“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.” – Irish Saying


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