Coronation Street To Become First Prime Time UK Show To Feature Product Placement | Business | Sky News

Part of the Coronation Street set, looking dow...

Coronation Street will tonight become the first prime time television show in the UK to feature product placement.

Viewers who watch the soap will see a Nationwide building society cash machine in the episode after ITV signed a deal with the company.

The law was changed in February after commercial broadcasters, hit by falling advertising revenues, lobbied the Government.

Product placement is already a billion-dollar industry in the US and films including the James Bond series have been featuring brands for years.

British based company MirriAD is the first in the world to digitally insert products into television shows and films, both old and new.

One classic that has been altered is Breakfast at Tiffany’s. An updated version now features a branded General and Electric shop front.

See the video here –

Strange Random Product Placement Quote:

“In the past, (product placements) were negotiated in a somewhat informal way. What Maven has done is to really codify the relationship and create a structure for how much people get paid. That’s one of the holy grails for product placement: to really work out what it is worth.” – Lucian James

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