Sales up but Aussie online commerce still e-volving – Business Australian Broadcasting Corporation

I love online shopping

An Australian online retailer is warning the traditional retail model will change in the next decade as a new report finds nearly three out of five Australian adults are shopping online.

The Australian Communication and Media Authority’s ACMA e-commerce report released this week said 59 per cent of adults bought goods or services online in the six months to April 2011, up from 53 per cent from two years ago.

It also found that while people are still mainly buying from Australian websites, overseas-based sites are gaining in popularity – a move that is threatening traditional retailers.

A total of 53 per cent of people surveyed by the report said they bought most often from Australian websites; a drop of 15 per cent from 2009.

ABC News Online asked readers on Twitter why they bought goods online, with most naming price, availability and convenience as reasons to snub traditional retailers.

Online retailer Kogan is warning e-commerce “is still only in its infancy” in Australia and still has five to 10 years of growth left till it reaches the levels of maturity seen in US and UK markets.

via Sales up but Aussie online commerce still e-volving – Business Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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There’s nothing better than online shopping in your PJ’s with a glass of wine with the kids asleep! – Helen Wilson

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