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Business trip for his pop

SkyRoll has sold thousands of units in retail stores but relatively few through the company’s Web site. In an effort to bolster the site’s traffic and sales, Mr. Chernoff created the “Crazy Carry-On Contest.” Unfortunately, the contest has done little to improve the site’s performance. We asked the readers of this column to take a look at the site and offer their views on why the site is failing to deliver sales and why the contest has failed to generate buzz.

As usual, the readers zeroed in on the crucial issues, offering insights and providing a lot of practical advice. When selling online, there are three things you have to do: make people want to buy your product, create a level of trust so people will be willing to buy from you and make the buying process as simple and intuitive as possible. The readers clearly believe (as do I) that the site has failed in all three areas.

Lucy, from Moab, Utah: “I wondered if there would be enough room for everything else I wanted to carry if I used this system. An artist’s line drawing of an X-ray view of the bag, with items nestled within and around the roll would be helpful. Or possibly a photo of everything that fit within the bag laid out for all to see. After all, potential customers of Skyroll already use a carry on roller bag AND a garment bag. Surely a concern would be, ‘Could I fit everything into this one bag?’”

via Why a Mediocre Web Site Is So Dangerous – NYTimes.com.

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Good design means never having to say “Click Here.”Shawn Leslie

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