Saudi buyers take to Twitter over Alshaya refund rules – Retail –

Twitter users in Saudi Arabia have launched a social media backlash against Gulf retail giant M.H. Alshaya, after the company rolled out new rules to restrict cash refunds to customers.

Staff in five Alshaya stores in Dubai said in September that buyers returning faulty or unwanted goods could no longer receive cash or credit card refunds, but would instead receive store credit under new company-wide rules governing returns.

Buyers have 12 months to spend their store credit – but the ruling ensures money is kept within the conglomerate’s network of shops, which includes Debenhams, H&M and Topshop.

The policy appears to have been implemented in Saudi Arabia, where Twitter users are using the hashtag #noshaya to call for a boycott of the retailer’s stores until the policy is changed.

“It’s so sad that it’s funny that no one really cares that the Saudi consumer gets ripped off on a daily basis!” said Tweeter @sara_alhaidar. “I told the guy @H&M the policy was silly [and] he said management have their reasons! Really? Is it to make sure no SR [Saudi riyals] leave the register?”

Other Tweeters flagged up how the big brand names owned by Alshaya in the Gulf, such as H&M, offered more favourable returns policies on their own, domestic websites.

via Saudi buyers take to Twitter over Alshaya refund rules – Retail –

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