BBC News – Yossi Vardi, godfather of Israel’s hi-tech industry

Yossi Vardi

“The secret sauce of Israel’s success is the Jewish mother.”Yossi Vardi, the godfather of Israel’s hi-tech industry, cracks yet another joke, sitting comfortably in his spacious house in Tel Aviv.

In the past few decades he has invested in and helped build some 80 Israeli start-ups – ranging from software firms to mobile phone and clean technology companies to name a few. Many of them he sold to international tech giants.

One of his possibly most famous investments was the first popular internet instant messaging service ICQ, bought by AOL in 1998 who turned it into AOL Messenger.

He played a part in the creation of, invested in software solutions firm Gteko bought by Microsoft in 2006 and the Gifts Project acquired by eBay, in Airlink, Scopus, BrightCove and many others.

At times, Mr Vardi – or simply Yossi, as he wants to be called – may sound only half-serious, but when he talks about in which kind of start-up to invest his money, he certainly means what he says.

Yes, there are a few things driving the rapid rise of the country’s technology sector, not least government money and the army’s specialised high-tech units.

But for Yossi, it has always been about people.

via BBC News – Yossi Vardi, godfather of Israel’s hi-tech industry.

Strange Random Technology Quote:

Do you realize if it weren’t for Edison we’d be watching TV by candlelight? – Al Boliska


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