Mighty Beanz Maker Scores Another Hit With Trash Pack – US Business News – CNBC

Trash Pack CollectionWhile this holiday season lacks headlines about super-hot holiday toys that have them tussling in the aisles, there are a number of products that are doing very well.

Among them are the Trash Pack, a line of miniature collectible characters and playsets based on items that you might find in the trash can.

Moose Toys, the Australian toy company that was behind the Mighty Beanz craze several years ago, invented the Trash Pack and has sold more than 15 million “trashies” worldwide since the product hit the shelves in September.

Paul Solomon, director of Moose Toys, said he expects Trash Packs to eventually be a larger brand than Mighty Beanz, and suspects it will have greater longevity than that the Beanz brand, which has sold more than 100 million Beanz worldwide to date.

“I think what is really appealing to the kids is the gross,” said Solomon.Not only do the collectible characters have a sticky, squishy feel they have names such as Putrid Pizza, King Rat, Soggy Tomato, and Mucky Maggot.

What has been interesting is that the toy has achieved its popularity despite being sold only at one retailer: Toys ‘R Us.

via Mighty Beanz Maker Scores Another Hit With Trash Pack – US Business News – CNBC.

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