Schweppes Losing Australia Summer Sales in Fizz Shortage: Retail – Bloomberg

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In the midst of a summer heat wave, Australia is suffering a soft-drink shortage because of a disruption in supplies of the gas that gives soda its fizz. Schweppes Australia Pty. is already losing sales and Coca-Cola may be affected next.

Retailers from Woolworths Ltd. (WOW) and Wesfarmers Ltd. (WES), the nation’s largest, to individual store owners are reporting lower sales of sodas and mixers such as tonic water made by Schweppes, which is also battling a labor dispute.

“At peak period I’m out of stock by 9:30 in the morning,” said Mark Raynes, manager of the Ritchies Supa IGA supermarket in Balnarring, a beach destination southeast of Melbourne. “Our trade doubles at this time of year, and saying you’ve got no drink mixers is like saying there’s no Champagne on New Year’s Eve.”

Summer is typically the busiest period for the nation’s A$3.2 billion ($3.3 billion) soda industry with hotter weather, schools on vacation and many workers taking time off in the span between Christmas and Australia Day on Jan. 26. Melbourne temperatures peaked at 40 degrees Celsius 104 Fahrenheit this week and Australia’s second-largest city has seen the mercury above 30 degrees on four of the past five days. Temperatures in suburbs of Sydney, the biggest city, reached more than 37 degrees yesterday, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

via Schweppes Losing Australia Summer Sales in Fizz Shortage: Retail – Bloomberg.

Strange Random Fizzy Drinks Quote:

“I’d suggest staying away from, or at least cutting down on, fizzy drinks. All those little bubbles are carbon dioxide. We expel the carbon dioxide while breathing out, as it’s poison to the body. So why do we choose to put it back in again in the form of carbonated drinks? Probably because we didn’t know any better… but we do now! Fizzy drinks like cola not only dehydrate you, but may also contain around eight cubes of sugar per can – even worse are the diet colas with huge amounts of chemicals like aspartame… UGH! Steer clear of these, if you want good health.” – Robert Redfern, The Miracle Enzyme Is Serrapeptase

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