Sunless summer sees Kiwis flock to tan in a can | NATIONAL News

Disappointed sunbathers are turning to tans from a bottle as bad summer weather hits sunscreen sales and pushes sales of artificial tanning preparations through the roof.

Sales of artificial tanning products are up about 91% from a year earlier, while sunscreen sales are down about 17%, according to research agency Nielsen, while sun and sunburn remedies decreased 20%.

“The weather has had a direct impact on the sale of these products,” Katherine Rich, chief executive of the New Zealand Food and Grocery Council told BusinessDesk. “People just aren’t getting sunburnt so they don’t need the extra sun treatment.”

“There are so many seasonal products which are impacted by the weather. It can be anything from sunglasses, cold drinks to ice blocks,” Rich said, quoting supermarket sales for sunscreen and tanning products.

“The figures don’t include pharmacy sales but it’s a good proxy for the whole market,” she said.

Weather had a definite impact on sales of sun screen preparations and after sun/sunburn remedies, down week on week from Nov. 6 to Jan. 1, helping to drive unit and value decline for the quarter.

“I think everybody, retailers and consumers are disappointed it’s been a poor summer,” said Rich.

via Sunless summer sees Kiwis flock to tan in a can | NATIONAL News.

Strange Random Suntan Quote:

“If you look at the research that’s published, it’s always ‘Research says that such-and-such will happen if you suntan,’ and attached to that is usually a demand for more research money. That’s how the fear market is created.” – Frank Furedi

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