HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAYS: The nation’s 96-hour holiday | News.com.au

AFTER three weeks of hard, insufferable labour since returning to work from the Christmas break, Australians are preparing for another well-earned rest.

Many Australians will celebrate that typically national trait – bludging – by taking not just Thursday off but Friday too, parlaying Australia Day into an epic four-day bender.

Bosses around the country are recognising the inconvenience of a Friday hangover and hedging their bets by encouraging staff to take annual leave and report to work on Monday.

One company in Sydney is branding its four-day weekend as “the Australian thing to do”. Many fans of news.com.au on Facebook said today they had been told to take the day off too.

But for those workers less fortunate be warned – there could be consequences for showing up under the weather or worse yet – not showing up at all.

Stephen Cartwright, the CEO for the New South Wales Business Chamber, says we shouldn’t over-do it on Australia‘s national day of barbecues and Triple J.

“You need to be prepared for a typical working Friday or you should speak to your employer now about making alternative arrangements if there is going to be an issue.”

via HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAYS: The nation’s 96-hour holiday | News.com.au.

Strange Random Australia Quote:

“Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that’s only a recent development.” – Barry Humphries ( Writer, Actor and Comic, b.1934)


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