Locally-made buffalo cheese, as good as it gets | BUSINESS News TVNZ

An Auckland-based company is bringing a slice of Italy to New Zealand with its acclaimed cheeses and yoghurts.

Clevedon Valley Buffalo make a variety of products from their herd of 180 Riverine water buffalo.

Helen and Richard Dorresteyn founded the business when they decided cheese was an important ingredient for their local farmers’ market.

“We started the Clevedon Farmers’ Market and we needed cheese,” said Helen.

“We started off very small with 20 stalls and couldn’t get cheese, so Richard gave in and said he’d make it for me.”

What was once a milking shed for cows became a milking shed for their original 18 buffalo imported from Darwin.

“We’ve changed it into a buffalo milking shed, obviously the bars up the front, where they put their heads through to have a bit of a feed at milking time, are a lot stronger and thicker,” farm manager Richard Keast said.

Richard Dorresteyn, who trained as an industrial engineer, is now the head cheese maker.

via Locally-made buffalo cheese, as good as it gets | BUSINESS News.

Strange Random Cheese Quote:

“The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.” – Jon Hammond

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