Hard sell: Marketing missiles not for faint-hearted – CNN.com

Singapore CNN — How do you sell a missile? Giving it a name that conjures up images of destruction or protection is a good start; weapons called “Iron Dome defense system” or “Predator” are unequivocal.

However, a fearsome title alone won’t clinch a multi-million dollar sale, so military trade events like air shows give weapons manufacturers a chance to show off their products — even if the hard sell has been done over months and years of networking and negotiations.

“There’s no new business here, but new sales prospects,” says Mikael Olsson of Saab Technologies.

The Swedish arms maker’s stall at the Singapore Airshow has a full size simulator of their anti-aircraft defense system, the prosaically named RBS70 NG. Like similar demo models in the voluminous hall, it attracted the attention of passing visitors, and some potential new customers, commonly referred to as “pop-ups.”

Doing military’s dangerous, dull and dirty work

Demonstrated by Olsson’s colleague Hakan Bystrom, it seems more like playing a video game with a cool piece of kit than a weapon capable of blasting an enemy jet out of the sky.

“Systems are getting more technical, so making them easy to operate is a strong selling point,” says Bystrom. Over the years the RBS70 has been sold in 18 countries, though Bystrom says he doesn’t think it’s ever been used in a combat situation.

While plenty of technical detail and test footage can be used in support of any demo, being able to say a weapon has been used in combat situations gives it far more kudos.

via Hard sell: Marketing missiles not for faint-hearted – CNN.com.

Strange Random Sales Quote:

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect.” – William Clement Stone

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