How having a higher purpose feeds the profit line – The Globe and Mail

When Motorola Inc. split into two companies in January, 2011, the glamorous consumer technology side of the business became Motorola Mobility. The other half, which had long served government, public safety and business enterprises, seemed like the forgotten sibling. Rechristened as Motorola Solutions, it had no spark.

Its solution was to focus on its core ideals, beginning with posters highlighting heroic “moments that matter,” when Motorola technology played a key role in an emergency. One poster showed a festival in England and told how a child had disappeared, a father was frantic and how, thanks to a police officer’s Motorola MTH800 radio and the company’s Airwave network, they were reunited within minutes. The posters evoked pride and a sense of identity for staff, resonating deeply with them and customers who saw the posters in company offices.

The poster campaign exemplifies how companies can engage their staff and the public when they drill down to find the ideals at the heart of their product or service.

via How having a higher purpose feeds the profit line – The Globe and Mail.

Strange Random Ideals Quote:

“You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.” – George Norman Douglas (Finnish Composer, 1865-1957)

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