Five Travel Costs to Avoid on Your Next Road Trip | Fox Business

Thousands of Americans will hit the road over the next few weeks to travel as their children are out of school for spring break. Even more will find themselves on the nation’s highways on summer vacations.

A road trip often means big bucks will be laid out on travel costs. From pricey snacks to premium fuel to costly car washes, the route between your home and your destination is a virtual minefield of unnecessary purchases that can drain your pocketbook. Read on to find Bankrate‘s list of travel costs you can steer clear of.

Exceeding Speed Limit Lowers Gas Mileage

It may feel more satisfying to fly around other drivers on the highway, but the joke is on you. Your gas mileage will decrease rapidly after your speedometer hits 60 miles per hour and higher, and boost your travel costs.

In addition, rapid acceleration and braking also can reduce your gas mileage. Driving at a lower speed can help you save as much as 33% on your cost to fill up at the pump, says Jody DeVere, chief executive at, an automotive advice and education site for women.

“Observing the speed limit is also safer, so you may save more than just money,” DeVere says.

via Five Travel Costs to Avoid on Your Next Road Trip | Fox Business.

Strange Random Travel Quote:

When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money. – Susan Heller




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