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We’ve all been guilty of it: While watching a newscaster on television, we dissect what the person is wearing, the hairstyle — even the way the person stands.

But what if you were in the same position? Would your clothes say “professional?” Would your hairstyle look ridiculous? Would your hand gestures make you look competent or crazy?

You may never have considered how you look on video because you’re not Kim Kardashian. But if you haven’t been on camera yet, chances are you will be in the future.

And what you do or don’t do could affect your career, executive coach Debra Benton says.”Video is prolific,” she says. “It’s going to happen more and more. You need to get used to it.”

Whether you’re on Skype interviewing for a job or running a meeting via video conference, it’s important to understand that people are, well, staring at you. They don’t have to look away as they sometimes would in a polite face-to-face conversation, and that means they’ll note anything odd.

“The weirder that you do something, the more it will be noticed, and the faster it will end up on YouTube,” Benton says.

Benton says one chief executive she knows joined a team video call and soon forgot it was live.

He picked up a newspaper and started reading, occasionally picking his nose. His administrative assistant quickly moved in to stop the behavior when another conference participant notified her.

via Tips to help with video conferences, calls –

Strange Random Behaviour Quote:

“It is always easier – and usually far more effective – to focus on changing your behavior than on changing the behavior of others.” – Bob Nelson

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