BBC News – Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms

Spanish unions are holding a general strike to protest against labour reforms which the new government hopes will help cut unemployment.

Road, rail and air transport were all affected with domestic and European flights cut to a fraction.

Unions claimed strong support at car factories and other industrial sites but Mariano Rajoy‘s conservative government played down the action.

It plans to unveil measures on Friday to save tens of billions of euros.

The strike is the government’s first big challenge since taking office.

Scuffles broke out between protesters and police as workers from Spain’s largest unions picketed at the capital’s bus depot early on Thursday.

A total of 58 people were detained and nine were injured, the interior ministry said.

‘Rights wiped away’

By agreement between the government and the unions, bus and rail services were kept to a minimum service while only one in 10 domestic, and one in five European, flights were able to operate.

Outside Atocha – one of Madrid‘s main rail stations – pickets waved red union flags and blew shrill whistles as police looked on.

One protester in Madrid, 31-year-old Angel Andrino, said he had been sacked a day after the labour reforms were approved in a decree last month.

Accompanied on a march by his parents and brother, he told the Associated Press news agency: “We are going through a really hard time, suffering.

“The rights that our parents and grandparents fought for are being wiped away without the public being consulted.”

via BBC News – Spanish workers hold general strike over labour reforms.

Strange Random Strike Quote:

We’ll hold this line until Hell freezes over — Then we’ll hold it on ice skates. – Anonymous, picket sign

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