Complaint lodged against ‘carbon tax collector’ ad – Business – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

An advertising campaign showing a carbon tax collector demanding money from a frail pensioner has been referred to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

Total Environment Centre director Jeff Angel says a complaint has been lodged against the New South Wales company Energy Watch, a group that acts as an energy broker for consumers and business.

The advertising has been run on television, online and on outdoor billboards.

In July last year the Government gave the ACCC a $12.8 million grant to deal with false and misleading claims about price rises under the carbon tax.

And new national consumer laws in force since January last year specify fines of up to $1.1 million per contravention.The ACCC has been told the advertisement may be misleading because it blames rising electricity prices on the carbon tax.

A TV advertisement was withdrawn from online video site Vimeo yesterday by Louder Than Word, the company that produced it, but a version posted to YouTube by a viewer remains online.

The advertisement shows a tax collector thrusting a collection tin at a pensioner demanding cash. When the pensioner objects, the carbon tax collector responds: “You use electricity, don’t you? Pay up.”

The chief executive of EnergyWatch, Ben Polis, then appears and says “the carbon tax comes in on July 1. We can’t stop it, but we can help you reduce your power bill.”

A disclaimer in small print states “carbon tax collector is a fictitious character”.

via Complaint lodged against ‘carbon tax collector’ ad – Business Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Strange Random Tax Collector Quote:

“The tax collector must love poor people – he’s creating so many of them” – Bill Vaughn (American industry author, mentor and subject-matter expert)

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