Secret Pork Recipe: Worth $1.8 Million? – Yahoo! News

Betty Kong, owner of Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint, left, prepares food as customers wait in line at the restaurant in Singapore, on April 18, 2012.Think “most valuable recipes,” and what comes to mind might be the secret formula for Coca Cola, say; or Col. Sanders‘ famous recipe for finger-lick’in good chicken. But now to that hallowed list must now be added a newcomer from Singapore: Betty Kong’s recipe for roast-pork. She’ll sell it to you for $1.8 million.

If you haven’t heard of Kong, she and her husband run a little restaurant, the 60-stool Kay Lee Roast Meat Joint. So popular is its pork that patrons, according to Bloomberg, line up to be sure of getting in-sometimes an hour in advance.

The Kongs, however, are in their 60s are looking to retire. Neither of their kids wants to take the business over. So, they have put the Meat Joint up for sale, at an asking price of $2.8 million. Its assessed value is $1 million. The difference is the recipe.

Lee Ai Ming, a Singapore real estate expert quoted by Bloomberg, says the asking price represents a 20-fold increase over what a buyer would have to pay for any comparable joint. Ming calls the recipe “a very compelling example of the value of intellectual property.”

Meat Joint loyalists call the recipe invaluable, variously praising its meat as “extremely yummy,” “crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside,” and “well marinated, very tasty, juicy.” Says another, “It blows my mind.”

via Secret Pork Recipe: Worth $1.8 Million? – Yahoo! News.

Strange Random Recipe Quote:

“Recipes without the author, without the cuisine to which they were once a living, seamless part, die.” – John Thorne


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