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Hot-job lists tout occupations with endless positions to be had in a host of professions. But in reality, these lists can be meaningless when it comes to ultimately landing a job.

I’m stressing this today because every time we run studies on growth occupations — done by private companies and the government — we get a flurry of comments from readers about how some of the so-called hot jobs aren’t hot at all. Some of you are unable to find jobs or good pay in the professions these lists extol as booming, and others were laid off from these supposed growth gigs.

Here’s a sampling of comments we got after a story ran Wednesday on the 10 hardest to fill jobs, including everything from nursing to skilled trades:

“My son has been looking for a decent machinist position since he got out of college,” wrote Old Dad.

And HookedOnSprockets, a skilled construction worker, noted: “I laugh at the people who call me; they are desperate for workers but unwilling to pay fair wages.”

A question I posed on Twitter about whether hot-job lists were bogus was largely met with yeas. This tweet is from seasoned college recruiting expert Sharon Wiatt Jones, aka @WiattJones: “Yes, they often include college professor. Only about half finish Ph.D. and tenure track positions declining fast.”

Indeed, just because a job is labeled hot, doesn’t mean you’ll find a plethora of jobs where you live, or a fat paycheck. And even if there are lots of jobs that need filling, that doesn’t mean an employer will hire you, because maybe you don’t have the exact experience, or you may be a victim of age discrimination, labor experts stressed.

via Hot-job lists often misleading, overrated – Life Inc..

Strange Random Employment Quote:

“…the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety.” ― Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility


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