Flying Hello Kitty’s Friendly and Cutesy Skies – Businessweek

After a young Asian-American from San Francisco flew his seventh Hello Kitty flight, EVA Airways (2618:TT) recently awarded him a solid gold boarding pass bearing the design of Sanrio’s (8136:JP) cartoon cat with his name engraved on it. While seven flights may seem paltry compared to the number accumulated by George Clooney’s corporate road warrior in Up in the Air, it nonetheless marked a milestone: The man officially became the world’s most-traveled Hello Kitty jet customer.

“Hello Kitty flights aren’t just for kids,” says K.W. Nieh, the Taiwan-based carrier’s group executive officer for public relations. “We fly Hello Kitty jets to cities all over Japan, as well as to Korea, Shanghai, and Guam. Business and leisure travelers both go to all of these destinations.”

Whatever their reasons for flying, patrons of Hello Kitty had best enjoy cuteness—there’s no escaping it. At Taipei’s Taoyuan International Airport, they receive Hello Kitty boarding passes and baggage tags. A Hello Kitty song plays as passengers board the plane, which is plastered on the exterior with a Hello Kitty decal made by 3M MMM. All-female cabin crew members swap their usual EVA Airways-issued green uniforms for pink aprons and scarves. All seats 252 to 309, depending on whether it’s an Airbus [EAD:FP] A330-200 or A330-300, are covered with Hello Kitty headrest covers. Even the meals, ice cream, snacks, cups, utensils, milk bottles, soap, hand lotion, and tissues are designed in the image of Hello Kitty.

While Nieh would not disclose details about the company’s licensing agreement with greeting card, gifts, and stationary company Sanrio—which makes Hello Kitty goods—he says EVA Airways has invested about $5 million in the jets, which have been in the works since spring 2011. This figure includes the contract with Sanrio, the design and licensing for the jets, various in-flight items and duty-free products, and fees to promote the new brightly-colored fleet.

via Flying Hello Kitty’s Friendly and Cutesy Skies – Businessweek.

Strange Random Flying Quote:

I fly because it releases my mind from the tyranny of petty things. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery



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