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Whether you’re heading off for a cross-country family retreat or just joining friends at the beach for a barbecue, you might want to keep your eyes out this Independence Day holiday weekend. You never know when or where you might run into some odd things along the way – notably some unusual road signs. The right one just might win you a big prize in the Wild Weird and Wacky Street Signs Contest!


We’re betting our readers have their own favorites – lots of them, in fact – and we’d love to hear what you’ve come across in your own travels. To add a little encouragement, we are offering some great prizes for the best entries in our Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names Contest. These include

  • A semi-pro digital camera you can take along on your next trip just in case you spot something unusual
  • A portable navigation system including real-time traffic advisories

And some great collectibles from automakers like Nissan and Porsche, among others.

via Wild, weird and wacky street signs contest – msnbc.com

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Strange Random Sign Quote:

“What’s that supposed to mean? A wolf’s head on a stick. Big wolf barbecue tonight? Bring your own wolf? ― Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony


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