Consumer Corner: Dog days of summer becoming back-to-school shopping daze instead –

English: Purdue UniversityThe dog days of summer used to be for lazing about at the beach or swimming hole.

Nowadays, both students and parents are shifting into back-to-school mode, and with some school districts opening their doors as early as the second or third week in August, the back-to-school shopping season already is in gear.

Purdue University consumer sciences and retailing Professor Richard Feinberg notes back-to-school shopping is second only to Christmas in importance to retailers, with receipts expected to total $84 billion this season.

Helping the spending along are relatively lower fuel prices.

“Every penny saved on a gallon of gas translates to $1 billion available for retail spending,” Feinberg said in a release.

Among the biggest sellers? Backpacks and laptops.

“Spending on electronics will be almost as high as apparel,” he said.

Feinberg said the shopping starts about four weeks before the start of school to allow for shipping by online retailers.

The National Retail Federation estimates parents will spend an average $688.62 per child, kindergarten through 12th grade — if dad does the shopping, spending averages $739.75, much of it at department and electronics stores; but if mom does the shopping, spending falls to $640.42, much of it at discount stores. Total spending on elementary and high school students is expected to reach $30.3 billion. Add in college students and the total reaches 83.8 billion.

via Consumer Corner: Dog days of summer becoming back-to-school shopping daze instead –

Strange Random School Quote:

“A long time ago, there was no such thing as school, and children spent their days learning a trade, a phrase which here means “standing around doing tedious tasks under the instruction of a bossy adult.” In time, however, people realized that the children could be allowed to sit, and the first school was invented.” ― Lemony Snicket, Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can’t Avoid


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