Got a Sandy claim? How to Get Your Insurer’s Attention | Fox Business

InsuranceNEW YORK – The first piece of post-storm advice after a major weather event like Sandy is always to call your insurance company. But what if your phone isn’t working or you don’t have Internet service? What if the insurance company isn’t answering the phone, or getting to you as fast as you’d like? Or, what if water is still pouring in through the roof and you’ve got more than enough on your hands right now?

The major insurers that cover the area affected by Sandy are not reporting any particular trouble connecting with homeowners. State Farm says as of Tuesday evening, it had logged 6,000 homeowners policy claims, and 900 car claims. USAA, which has a high number of active duty military members who may not be home at the moment, says it has taken in 17,000 claims so far, with the most common claim being for tree damage.

But with more than 6 million people still without power in the U.S. Northeast and hundreds of thousands displaced, it will be a while before all those claims filter in, as well as complaints about customer services.

via Got a Sandy claim? How to Get Your Insurer’s Attention | Fox Business.


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