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Want to Tick Off Customers? Get Political | Fox Small Business Center

social-issues-1-10-11Companies that take unpopular stances on social issues risk alienating both consumers and future employees, new research shows.

A study by public affairs consulting firm Gavin/Solmonese found that more than three-quarters of shoppers are at least somewhat likely to base their buying decisions on a company’s position on social issues. Overall, nearly 80 percent of the consumers surveyed feel corporations should behave in a socially responsible manner and take an active role in social issues. Environmental responsibility, global human rights and coverage for reproductive care for women are among the issues they care about most.

“We have tangible proof that Americans are interested in engaging with businesses that behave ethically and contribute economically in order to improve the quality of their workforce, their communities and society at large,” said Joe Solmonese, founder and managing partner of Gavin/Solmonese. “This should send a powerful message to corporate America.”

via Want to Tick Off Customers? Get Political | Fox Small Business Center.

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