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ChocolatesWhen it comes to the age-old question of which European chocolate is the best, it may simply be a matter of taste. In Belgium, the chocolate is sweeter, and in France, more bitter; Italians err on the side of boldness, the Swiss on the side of creaminess. But in recent years, all have been revolutionized as chocolatiers complement the art of making chocolate with the art of finding beans.

The precise sourcing of cocoa beans from previously unimagined corners of the tropics has led to new palettes of flavors and complicated labels. In response, chocolate lovers have become ever more demanding, as they calibrate the cocoa content of their candy bars and crave fresh flavor combinations.

Now, for a small group of aficionados with a bit of time and a lot of spare change, that novelty has come home to roost. Some of Europe‘s premier chocolate labels are offering a bespoke service that allows customers to adjust the look and tweak the taste of their truffles and pralines. With firms like Switzerland’s Confiserie Sprüngli and Belgium’s Mary, chocolatier to the Belgian royal family, willing to collaborate with clients, it is as if Château Mouton Rothschild decided to let customers design their own wine bottle, or ramp up the Cabernet Franc in their personal cuvée.

These chocolate makers often require a substantial minimum order, measurable in the tens of kilograms, and delivery times of a month or more. But if you get started now, you can have a unique and delicious holiday present for a few lucky friends and family members.

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