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He Carries On, She Likes to Check – WSJ.com

OB-VM767_MSEAT1_G_20121129000427She likes the window seat; he likes the aisle. She wants the shade pulled down; he likes the shade up. She checks a bag; he only carries on. She curls up in a ball to avoid contact; he sits with his elbows and legs splayed out.

The sexes can fly in different directions when it comes to airplane and hotel habits and preferences, adding stress to an already taxing experience for couples and families.

Men still outnumber women among frequent fliers. Several airlines, US Airways (LCC +0.23%) and Delta Air Lines (DAL +0.50%) among them, say their customer base runs about 54% to 56% male. But the difference is leveling off. Virgin America says its passenger surveys over the past year average 52% men and 48% women. British Airways (IAG.MC -0.33%) actually carries more women than men, a spokeswoman said.

Membership in Alaska Airlinesfrequent-flier program is evenly split between men and women, at least among members for whom gender is known, according to a spokeswoman for the Seattle-based airline. And at American Airlines, men make up 55% of the frequent-flier-program membership, but women under 30 years old now outnumber men in that age group.

via He Carries On, She Likes to Check – WSJ.com.

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