BBC News – Viewpoint: The transparent supply chain

As we are all busy clicking, collecting, shopping and dropping, how often do you spare a thought for the long journey the goods you are buying have taken to get to you?

The “supply chain” describes the journey products and materials make long before they reach the shelves.

It involves all processes from getting material or produce out of the ground, processing it into product, distributing it to customers and finally returning the product to the ground in a sustainable way.

Technology impacts each element of the supply chain from distribution to getting the product back into the ground.

Our new year bottle of champagne, for example, will involve:

  • the agricultural supply chain of growing grapes
  • pressing grapes
  • using the grape skins to create alternative gas sources

The glass supply chain is required for the bottles. Corks, labels and the metal to hold the cork also needs to be sourced and produced.

We then need to move our bottle of champagne from vineyard to supermarket, to your home and finally once drunk the bottle may be recycled and the process continues again.

via BBC News – Viewpoint: The transparent supply chain.


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