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Carlsberg ramps up pressure on PM over alcohol price plan – Telegraph

Plans for a 45p-per-unit minimum price were set out last month and have the support of the Prime Minister. They would mean beer could not be sold for less than 90p a can while wine would cost at least £4.20 a bottle.

The Sunday Telegraph reveals today that political pressure is growing on the Prime Minister from Cabinet colleagues to abandon the policy.

Carlsberg chief executive Jorgen Buhl Rasmussen said he is strongly against the idea, which follows a proposal for a 50p-per-unit alcohol pricing floor in Scotland that is now being tested in the European courts. “They’re the only two in Europe where we see this happening,” Mr Buhl Rasmussen said in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph.

“We’re a little surprised about the UK proposal because the proposal in Scotland has been taken to court in the EU as to whether it would be in line with the free market principles.

“It could take between six and 18 months before there’s a decision so we didn’t really expect England to come out with a proposal at this time.

“But we were also surprised because we have so much evidence across Europe that price does not change or reduce abuse. What changes and reduces abuse would be education and information.

via Carlsberg ramps up pressure on PM over alcohol price plan – Telegraph.

Female bosses ditch the harshness and embrace a caring workplace |

American businesswoman Susan Decker, president...

FEMALE bosses have been revealed as more tolerant than male managers of their staff maintaining a work-life balance.

A study has found rather than berating staff for shopping, banking and paying bills at their desks, women are more likely to appreciate the fact staff have to maintain a work-life balance, The Daily Telegraph reported.

By contrast, male bosses are more likely to lose their temper when spotting workers on Facebook, Twitter, shopping websites or overhearing them making personal calls.

Female bosses are more likely to take the personal situation of staff into account when it comes to managing and reprimanding their staff.

They were more likely to be aware of, and sympathetic to, problems people may be having in their personal life.

Men, on the other hand, were more inclined to tell employees off for letting home life get in the way of work, and admitted to having to do so on a daily basis, the research into the attitudes of 1000 bosses commissioned by Vodafone in Britain found.

via Female bosses ditch the harshness and embrace a caring workplace |

Strange Random Boss Quote:

The person who knows HOW will always have a job. The person who knows WHY will always be his boss. – Diane Ravitch


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