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Instead of Holiday Socks, Why Not Help a Friend Travel? – Bloomberg

For all those reluctant holiday shoppers who hate long lines, Heddi Cundle has a suggestion: Give the gift of travel.

Cundle is the founder and self-titled “big cheese” of, a website she launched last year to help consumers, as well as their friends and family, save up for vacations. It’s still in the early days, but Cundle says that up to 100,000 people are visiting the site every month and about 40 percent of them are coming back.

“They’re saying, ‘This year I don’t want socks, I don’t want ties, just even put $10 on myTab,” said Cundle, a native of the U.K., who previously spent almost two decades in public relations and marketing.

To gift money or start a personal account, users can sign up with their Facebook credentials and have immediate access to their friends on the social network. They can then send a virtual gift card to a connection or set up a personal tab and ask others to contribute. By partnering with Expedia, myTab is able to access most major airlines and hotels for its customers. Currently, flights have to start in the U.S., though that is changing soon to incorporate international originations.

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Qantas Twitter campaign a PR disaster | WORLD News

QF First

As unions bunkered down for a process of arbitration with Qantas, the airline faced a new PR disaster over a Twitter campaign.

As part of its foray into social media marketing, Qantas put out an invitation on its Twitter feed for members of the public to sing its praises.

“Tell us what is your dream luxury inflight experience? Be creative! Answer must include the hashtag QantasLuxury,” it tweeted.Top tweets were promised a gift pack including a pair of Qantas pyjamas and “luxury amenity kit”.

But less than a month after grounding its entire fleet, and not even 24 hours after talks with its unions fell in a heap, it looked like it would take more than PJs and a toiletries bag to win back the public.

The competition was quickly flooded with a stream of angry and sarcastic comments, and people simply taking the opportunity to have a joke at the airline’s expense.

“What’s odder, the idiotic timing or the imbecilic prize?” asked one tweeter.

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Strange Random PR Quote:

“If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” – George Orwell

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Spain Business >> News >> Tous launches e-shop in four European countries

Following the positive response in the United States with its online shop, Tous has decided to make the move to Europe. The Spanish jewelry brand has launched its Internet point of sale in Spain, the United Kingdom, France and Germany. The newly opened e-shop is filled with products, catalogs, videos and a variety of audiovisual materials, such as a making-of. The firm has also provided its customers with some of its most emblematic items, as well as special editions of certain products, the brand reported.

With this, Tous takes advantage of its popularity on the social networks, where it is among the top 20 Spanish brands in terms of followers, according to It has over 2,500 followers on Twitter and more than 55,000 views on its YouTube channel.

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Strange Random Jewellery Quote:

Don’t ever wear artistic jewelry; it wrecks a woman’s reputation. – Colette, Gigi, 1944, translated

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The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace – BusinessWeek

Image representing MySpace as depicted in Crun...

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At its December 2008 peak, Myspace attracted 75.9 million monthly unique visitors in the U.S., according to ComScore. By May of this year that number had dropped to 34.8 million. Over the past two years, Myspace has lost, on average, more than a million U.S. users a month. Because Myspace makes nearly all its money from advertising, the exodus has a direct correlation to its revenue. In 2009 the site brought in $470 million in advertising dollars, according to EMarketer. In 2011, it’s projected to generate $184 million.

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Strange Random Internet Quote:

Size and synergies between the different segments of the company matter. As far as we are concerned, the Internet is broadening our opportunity, as well as for other big media companies with huge resources in sports, entertainment and news. There’s just more opportunity. – Rupert Murdoch

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